a n n a  l a r s s o n

I have studied design in London and Göteborg, English at Sussex university in Brighton and painted with my artist mum since as long as I can remember. England is my second home and I am fluent in English. I love football, support Manchester United passionatelly and my idols are Ryan Giggs, Fred Astaire and my grandad. I have a passion for fashion and am a personal stylist for my friends and family, since I have a great sense of trends and style (and always tell the truth!). I have an amazing son that constantly challanges and brightens my day.

My greatest strengths are my widerangeing knowledge and diverse experiences and the ability to find creative sollutions to any problem. I very rarely see obstacles but focus on possibilities and the potential road ahead. From the experience of running my own company I have developed an understanding of what it takes to succeed and learnt the importance of responsibility. I am an experienced leader with structure and orgtinazation as the foundation of my work, but I can easily step outside the box. I love to coach my coworkers forward towards clear common goals.