a n n a  l a r s s o n



   Visma Administration





English (fluent)


Driving Licence B

work experience

MD,  OXXO design, Mölndal                                                                         Aug 2009 – July 2017


My role was to run and develop the company, which I did by strenghtening the brand, improve the products and the production chain as well as reach new targetgroups and markets.


My work was seasonbased and each season was like its own project. I was responsible for all admin, including invoicing and budgeting as well as the daily running of the office and stockroom. I provided longterm strageties including marketingstrategies as well as evaluations of each season based on statistics and salesfiguers in order to maximize the results. 


Areas of responsibility:

     - Budget/economy

     - Personel (3 comissoned sales agents, 2 employees och 4 agencies abroad)

     - Design och product development (4 collections per year)

     - Production (the whole chain from design to finished product, all contact with suppliers, quality control etc)

     - Buying (throughout the season)

     - Marketing (design profile, product catalogue, website and webshop, marketing material, exhibitionstands etc)

     - Communication (exhibitions, press events, social media etc)

     - Import/logistics/distribution

     - Sales


Most important achievments:

     - Strengthening of the brand - recognition and key values

     - Developing the products and the collection - broadened and improved

     - Developing sales - expanding through new channels, customers and areas

Store Manager, Code by Jens, Göteborg                                                      Jan 2008 – July 2009


Responsible for the daily running of the store as well as the buying. Pushing sales, customer service, training new staff, product placement and layout of the shop, window displays, time scheduling, delegating etc.

Teacher English and Art (A and O-levels),  Kungsbacka                                Aug 2007 – Dec 2007


Headtecher for year 1 (16 - year olds), head of the English department. Also responsible for extra homework classes. Main teacher in Art where I hade to develope my own course. 



   - Salesperson, Light department, IKEA Bäckebol, Göteborg

   - Storemanager, G-star/Fashion store for men,  DesignLab, Brighton 

   - Waitress, Wagamama, Brighton              

   - Supply teacher, Secondary school, Skånhällaskolan, Lindome   

   - Au Pair, Greenwich,  London


Focused Leadership, Think Do & Grow  Göteborg                                              Aug 2015 – Aug 2016

BA Hons degree in Teaching, Art & English                                                       Jan 2004 – Jan 2008

          - Design, HDK Göteborg 60p

          - English, Sussex University Brighton, GU Göteborg 90p

          - Pedagogacy, Göteborg's University 90p                   

Foundation design, University of East London                                                     Sep 2001 – July 2002

Advanced English as a Foreign Language,

                        Goldsmith’s University, London                                                    Jan 2001 – June 2001

Naturvetenskaplig linje, Varbergs gymnasieskola                                                                1997-2000



    Creative problemsolver


Experienced leader

Good judge of character


Good communicator


Critical thinker


Available on request


My greatest passion in life is design and fashion where I have a special sense of sure instinct. I am a positive, driven and forward thinking person that loves a challange! My biggest strenghts are my abilities to problem solve and think creatively.

I have a long background in retail business in different leading roles, which has given me a wideranging base of experience. I have been in charge of design, product development, production, economy, buying, logistics, import and personel, amongst other things, which really has suited my energetic and positive personality. I have during 6 years had the opportunity to lead and manage a small company, which has been an amazing learning opportunity since i have been involved in all aspects of the company. 

I convey targets, motivate and enthusiate my team to work as a unit. I am organized, coordinated, motivated and a very good communicator. I am also, through my degree in teaching used to working in teams with all kinds of people, which I really enjoy. My strength is a strategic mind which I convert into result-orientated practice. 

Consult Product development, Majblomman, Göteborg                                 Jan 2019 - present


I am commissioned to produce a report that can be the base of a new suppliercontract for producing mayflowers. Also to evaluate the chain of production to make sure it is in line with Mayflower's requirements when it comes to quality and values and suggest changes and improvements in order to obtain a resource effective and appropriate production.