a n n a  l a r s s o n

Do you need a new website?

I can design it for you - just how you like it with the functions you need! I have a lot of experience designing both personal websites aswell as webshops. I have developed these sites in accordance with the client's needs and wishes. Let me know if you want references or to know more!



Do you need help with driving your company forward or in a new direction? Do you need someone find new ways of doing things or more effective solutions? I can help you focus on optimal resource utilization, increased efficiency and quality assurance, or coach your staff to maximize your results. I am a natural leader with a good judge of character that can stear your staff towards your common goals. I can help you evaluate strenghts and weaknesses and find ways to develop your company in a positive way. I can also help you develop the tools you need to succeed. Please get in touch and I will tell you more!


Do you need help with product design? I have designed four jewellery and accessory collections for eight consecuative years for a recognised Swedish fashion brand. The collections were influenced by seasonal trends, colours and materials as well as function and in line with the values of the brand. Fashion forward jewellery for the fashion consious man and woman. Let me know what you need help designing!

I can also design and project manage any type of interior project. I have previous experience of designing and building exhibition stands as well as childrens' rooms.

interior and design projects

creative solutions

Is your goal clear but its hard to see which road to take to get there? I have throughout the years developed a special sense of finding my way from A to B. No matter the goal I can help you find the best direction there and what you will need along the way. 


Do you want to develop your English skills, learn more English or have something translated? I am a qualified English teacher up to A-levels. I can offer you help with homework as well as individual lessons in speaking or writing, or translations of any kind. Call or email me and I can tell you more! 

Do you need help with any type of design regarding a wedding or a party?

I have previous experience of designing everything from invitations to  seatingplans and entire rooms . All according to the clients' wishes and budgets. Please get in touch for pictures and references!