Journey to Peru

The path of the inka healers.
A magical jouney to Peru.

This incredible spiritual journey will include special visits and explorations to the most important an energetic Inka temples around Cusco, the sacred valley of the Inkas, and as a highlight the City of Light of Machupicchu.

Then the journey will take us to the amazing Titicaca and be able to explore two of the most sacred and historical places… ”The Sun and the Moon Islands” where we will be part of ancient Inka Rites with Mama Q’ocha-Mother Water and Mama Quilla-Mother Moon.

We happily invite you to join us in a

Sacred journey to Peru

“The Path of the Inka Healers”, this spiritual pilgrimage will be lead by Richard Aguayo as well as local natives Maestros, like the Q’ero Healers-Teachers.

Resa till Peru Titicaca

In the movie you can see a slideshow before the trip to Peru 2021.

DAY 1 – 

Arrive to Lima Peru, reception and transfer to a Hotel close to the airport. Hotel in Lima.

DAY 2 – 

Transfert to Lima airport and then flight to Cusco, transfer to a Hotel in downtown Cusco. Rest of the day free to rest and slowly get acclimatize to this new altitude. Late in the afternoon-first group gathering, overview of the whole journey. Hotel in Cusco (Buffet Breakfast=BB).

DAY 3 – 

Beginning of our explorations, teachings and ceremonies. First gathering with Q’ero Healer-Teacher who will share her ancient spiritual and medicinal wisdom as we explore “Tambomachay” sacred Inka altar dedicated to honor the holy water of the Andes, a good moment where a Q’ero Healer will invoke to her ancestors, prayers which will help us to integrate with the healing energy of PachaMama-Mother Earth. We then will explore the Inka temples of Q’enqo and Saqsayhuaman. In the evening teachings and sharings with native female leaders what it means to be a leader as a woman in the Andean World. Hotel in Cusco (BB).

DAY 4 – 

Another day dedicated to be in traditional Inka ceremonies guided by an Inka Qero healer and visiting special energetic Inka temples. Typon is a unique Inka shrine in the middle of the high Andean mountains, and was built to honor Mama Q’ocha-Mother Water as well as to “Apu Pachatusan” or sacred spirit-mountain and protector of the city of Cusco. This will be an exclusive day and place where we will do an offering ceremony to PachaMama-Mother Earth and the Apus- the Q’ero teacher will lead this ancient ceremony as we do prayers menwahile we share sacred Mama Coca leaves…. a great day to enjoy walking meditations around the beautiful water channels made out of stones as we invoke to the Andean spirits to guide us during our spiritual journey throughout the Andes, Machupicchu and Titicaca lake. Hotel in Urubamba (BB).

DAY 5 – 

The pathways will take us to “Moray” another extraordinary and sacred Inka temple in the sacred valley of the Inkas. The ancient Inka healers built this incredible temple with circular inner paths which takes into the heart of the earth… into PachaMama, an extraordinary place to do a belly to belly ceremony as a way to integrate our full energy of life to the healing energies of PachaMama-Mother Earth and get the teachings about the Spiritual Level of the Ukhu Pacha-Inner level or the level of the Snake. Afternoon dedicated to enter into the world of sacred sounds and spiritual music from the Inkas-PreInkas. Don Hebe is one of the most important Peruvian composers and researcher of the ancient Inka and PreInka ceremonial music and sounds….this generous and wise Maestro will share with us his 50 years of investigations about the most sacred music and musical instruments of his acestors, which he collected during his long spiritual journeys around Peru. He will delight us with the most incredible and healing sounds and music, and as a perfect complement he will also teach us special breathing techniques, the day will finish with a groupal healing session and sweet Inka ceremonial music… Hotel in Urubamba (BB).

DAY 6 – 

Few places in the Andes are as charming as the Native Community of Huilloq, we will travel by bus through fertile valleys and Inka terraces until we get to this spectacular Andean Village, local native people will welcome us with lovely songs in their local language “Quechua” then we will visit their adobe break houses and will have the great opportunity to visit their fertile crops and learn the ancient techniques to produce the famous and precious Andean potatoes and corn, and their incredible varieties… we will also be invited to wear very typical Huilloq Native clothes as we enjoy a workshop about the famous Andean weavings, a very unique day to experience and learn about the real Andean Life. Afternoon return to Ollantaytambo and overnight in local lodge in Ollantaytambo (BB).

DAY 7 – 

Another beautiful day in the Sacred Valley of the Inkas, a full morning to visit and explore one of the most enigmatic Inka Temples, “Ollantaytambo–the Temple to Wiracocha” the Creator of the Universe. The ancient Inka teachers selected this sacred mountain to build incredible terraces with a delightful stone work, which main center is the sacred pink stone in the highest part of the temple which we call “the holy universal book”… where an intense healing energy can be felt; as we explore this fabulous temple we reach to the temple of the Condor- the sacred Andean bird which is considered to be the bridge to the upper level or superior level… the tour will finish with a meditation in the water fountain of the Ñusta or Spirit of PachaMama… Afternoon walk around the town of Ollantaytambo, a typical Andean village which still preserve the original Inka stone house walls and gorgeous water channels. Late afternoon train to Machupicchu town. Overnight in Machupicchu town (BB).

DAY 8 – 

An exclusive day to visit and explore one of the most beautiful Inka temples “Machupicchu”, which was built to honor the perfection of nature and to feel the balance between the male and female energies, a great moment to contemplate astonishing temples like the Condor, Puma, and PachaMama, surrounded by high peaks and holy mountains like “Llanatin-Masintin-the Priestess, Putucusi-Moutain of joy, Huayna Picchu- Joung Mountain and Inty Punku-Sun Gate. A real important opportunity to absorb the healing energies of the Andes, as a way to enter in harmony with nature and the universe. Return to Machupicchu town and then train and bus back to Cusco. Hotel in Cusco (BB).

DAY 9 – 

Free day in Cusco for personal activities and last shoppings and get the best Alpaca Sweaters… afternoon walking city tour around the stone streets of Cusco, special visit to the Koricancha- the temple of the Sun, an spectacular place dedicated to celebrate the spiritual level of the sacred Puma-one of the most important Inka temples with an amazing stone work. Hotel in Cusco (B).

DAY 10 – 

Transfer to Cusco Airport, fly to Juliaca airport then transfer to Puno city. First connection with the Titicaca Lake, the sacred lake of the Inkas. Afternoon visit to the enigmantic Uros Island, this is a real floating island in the middle of the Titicaca Lake, where native people from the high plateau of Peru have dediced to live in a permanent harmony and direct interaction with the water of their sacred lake, an island made of reeds from the same lake, this amazing native people were able to preserve the ancient techniques for farming and fishing like their wise ancestors. Hotel in Puno (BB).

DAY 11 – 

Early private bus to the Bolivian border, on the way we will have a nice stop in Chucuito, the Inka temple dedicated to the fertility, an great place where we can balance our female and male energy, we then continue to Amaru Muru the “universal stone park” a fabulous place where the stones and rocks are misterously connected to different energies from the universe, specially the main gate or also called “The Dimentional Gate of Amaru Muru” a portal to the Hanaq Pacha or Upper Level, the world of the Condor, this gate was used differetn Andean cultures for thousands of years as a way to get amazing teachings which allowed them to build all their incredible temples and stone cities. Then we continue by bus to the Bolivian city of Copabana, a beautiful port with an extraordinary view of the Titicaca lake, overnight in Copacabana Hotel (BB).

DAY 12 – 

For more than eight thousands years the Titicaca Lake has been one of the most important initiation center of the Andes, and the Sun and Moon Islands are considered to be the main sources of life energy since this is where “Mancco Khapaq” and “Mama Oqllo” founders of the Inka civilization were born. Our spiritual pilgrimage and ceremonies in this esoteric lake will start navigating in a private boat and reach to the Sun island, where we will have important teachings and ceremonies specially in the temple of Tayta Inty-Father Sun. Overnight in a local lodge with a privileged view of the lake and to the mounatin range “The Cordiellera Real” with astonishing andean snow mountains. Overnight in a local lodge (BB).

DAY 13 – 

Sun rise ceremony in the highest part of the Sun Island, special moment to give thanks to our spiritual teachers who were leading us during the whole journey, this viewpoint is one of the most beautiful places in the lake since we can have extraordinary views of the whole lake including the Peruvian and Bolivian part. At noon we will go to the Moon Island, a real piece of art….This is a gorgeuos temple with a special connetion with the inspiring female energies from the lake… a suitable and beautiful place to do our last ceremony… as a way to give thanks to the spirits for our long and sacred journey around Peru and Bolivia.. last spiritual integration with Mama Killa-Mother, Mama Q’ocha-Mother Water and Mama Rit’y-Mother Snow. Overnight in a native lodge-Moon Island (BB).

DAY 14 –

Early boat back to Capacabana crossing the Titicaca Lake, last spectacular views of the highest navigable lake of the world, then by bus back to Juliaca Peru. Fly to Lima – transfer to Hotel and overnight in Lima (BB).

DAY 15 –

Transfer to Lima airport for your flight back home (BB) End of our Services.

Lama i Peru
Resa till Peru - Coricancha
Moray i Peru
Resa till Peru - Huilloc


  • A unique and fascinating spiritual journey around Peru and Bolivia
  • Personal and group teachings and ceremonies with Native- Inka
    Healers & Richard Aguayo
  • Hotels with private bathroom and hot shower, with Buffet
    Breakfast (BB)
  • Guided tours as mentioned in program
  • Entrance fees to temples in Cusco-Sacred Valley-Machupicchu- and Titicaca lake
  • Private boat while in the Titicaca lake
  • Private buses for the whole journey Transfers & Tours

For the Machupicchu Part

  • An extraordinary visit to Machupicchu
  • Entrances fees to MachuPicchu
  • Shuttle bus Aguas Calientes to Machupicchu – round trip • Guided tour
  • Tourist Train to MachuPicchu


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