Private sessions

Warmly welcome to this Sacred Space!

I would love to meet you in 1:1 sessions where intuitive guidance and healing are our guiding tools to help you reach the next level in your life and business.

We meet on Zoom or phone, whatever works for you. We start with a short conversation about where you are, what you want support with and what you want to be calling in to your life. Then I will guide you into a deep relaxing meditation. I work meditatively and share the insights I intuitively gain. We end the session by sharing our experiences.

The fact that you are at home means that you can remain in peace and quiet after the session. You can stay in the relaxed state and just enjoy, receive, journal…

The conversation is recorded so you can do the meditation as many times as you want, and you can listen afterwards what you say about yourself, to yourself … It often leads to more insights!

Healing is a way of replenishing life energy through deep relaxation and getting in touch with oneself and one’s soul again. Healing is a great way to let go of what has been – situations, projects, roles, relationships – creating space for you to be who you really want to be and calling in what you dream of doing!

Healing is a powerful tool for you if you are a person who:



Often you have a job and roles in life where you take great responsibility, set high goals and high demands on your own performance.



You are the one that others turn to for guidance, which you feel joy and gratitude for. But you often forget to give yourself the same support and appreciation.



You feel how others feel and perceive moods and energies in spaces and in groups. You understand that your sensitivity is a gift, but it also makes you very tired.



You are a creative and loving person but feel that energy is not always enough for what you want to do yourself, because you often prioritize the wishes of others before your own dreams and projects.



You sometimes experience that your relationships are not based on mutual exchange. You are giving away more than you allow yourself to receive.



You feel that life has many more dimensions than the mind can understand and you are longing to develop your intuition, but have not yet found a path that is right for you.



You now that you want something more with your life but feel blocked and can not find the way to the next level.


Healing creates a flow of life energy and is a way to let go of physical pain, painful emotions holding you back, limiting thoughts and behaviors, limiting stories from the past and unconsciously assigned roles. If you are a sensitive, intuitive and empathetic person, healing can really help you to let go of what no longer serve you.

To receive healing and guidance is to take care of oneself at all levels. You get access to a powerful mix of the tools and all the support I use myself to feel joy, peace of mind and percieving life from a higher perspective.

It gives me so much freedom not to experience myself limited by thoughts, old stories or other people’s ideas about me. You are the creator of your own life and my role is to help you release blockages so you can embrace your power and your light.

HEALING is a complement to health care

Be aware that healing does not replace traditional medicine but is a complement to health care and conversational therapy. If you have physical problems or are mentally ill, you should contact the health care in the first place. I give no medical advice or diagnoses.
Healing is an ancient method of treatment that in our part of the world has become degraded and forgotten. That healing works in such a way that the person receiving the treatment gets a lower heart rate and lowered blood pressure is scientifically verified. There is no doubt that healing is a way to achieve relaxation.

My experience is that healing as a supplement means that we respond better to medical treatment in the event of illness. We live in amazing times where we can take full responsibility for our lives and are free to choose different paths to our health!


Guiding conversations in combination with healing is a preventative method. In this way we can avoid problems that would otherwise arise. My experience is that during periods of stress we recover faster if we receive a healing session. I therefore highly recommend booking several sessions for the best results.

Healing can be of help for a variety of reasons. When you are tired and have physical problems, healing fills your cup. When you feel good, we can focus on your personal development going forward, what you can do to reach next level and how you can contribute in the world – not just replenish the batteries. Guiding sessions often lead to mindblowing insights about yourself!

Receiving regular healing sessions provides a lasting experience of harmony and peace of mind.


Like all forms of energy medicine such as acupuncture, acupressure, reflexology, shiatzu and exercises such as qigong and yoga, healing is a technique that conveys life energy to the body’s own self-healing abilities.

It´s like pouring high pressure water into a clogged pipe – the blockage is dissolved and the energy can flow freely again.

What is unique about healing combined with guidance is that we see ourselves and everything we do in a larger context. It means that we live with meaning and awareness.
From my perspective, everything living is one and belongs together.
Everything living is in relation to everything else.
Everything living has a consciousness and communicates.
All life is sacred.
In our thoughts, actions and attitudes, we answer people only to Mother Earth and life itself. We humans do not have the big picture and therefore cannot judge each other.
Our mission is to work for the highest good for ourselves, for Mother Earth and for all living things.
We start by healing ourselves and then helping each other.


On Beauty’s path, we see reality on several levels. As individuals, we live on four levels; spirit, soul, mind and body. In our everyday consciousness we usually only have access to the two lowest levels; the thoughts / feelings of the mind and the physical sensations of the body.
With intuition and healing as a tool we can look at life from higher perspectives – we come into contact with the spirit and our soul. When we get in touch with our soul, our mind also changes.
We can let go of old limiting thought and behavior patterns and start living in trust and wonder. Where fear has been in control of our thoughts, intuition can now take command, and we can work for the highest good.


Each session is complete on its own. Although, my experience is that several sessions are required if you truly want to transform your life.
Doing several sessions is a powerful tool to deepen your awareness, learn more about yourself and stand in your power. Therefore, you can do a Healing Journey on several sessions which I highly recommend where you also get a better price.

A Healing Journey is a mutual commitment where your part is an agreement with yourself to do what you can to live fully and fully. I commit myself to guiding you by sharing my knowledge and experience to help you get past resistance by changing perspectives and showing opportunities. In addition to the sessions you are given tasks and ceremonies to perform, and you can contact me via e-mail if questions arise. This gives you a unique opportunity to receive support along the way.


Anna Larsson Skönhetens väg


Want to know more about what you can expect from counseling sessions and how your healing journey can be designed? Then start by booking a free call where we together explore what would be the best support for you. Send me a message and we will schedule an appointment!


Want to know more about what you can expect from counseling sessions and how your healing journey can be designed? Then start by booking a free call where we together explore what would be the best support for you. Send me a message and we will schedule an appointment!

Anna Larsson