Your Wildest longing

Retreat for creative women with infinite dreams in Ammarnäs!

For self-employed women ready for the next level of  creative expression!

A warm welcome to Ammarnäs where the mountains, nature and Mother Earth Herself will guide us deep into ourselves to let our wildest longing find its greatest expression!

You get to meet yourself with the help of a drum and Sami yoik on the mountain. You get to experience daylight around the clock – the Midnight Sun will illuminate our path to our highest calling and make our visions clear.

Anna Larsson in Ammarnäs

28 june – 1st july 2022

Your wildest longing – Retreat in Ammarnäs sweden!

We share and are inspired by each other in a circle of creative sisters with wild visions and help each other to make dreams come true.

We spend the mornings on practical work where you get inspiration and exercises to reach the next level in your creative expression and your business.

We spend the afternoons in ceremonies and nature experiences. The evenings and nights are your own time in the midnight sun!

We live comfortably at a hotel and make day trips on foot.

Your Wildest Longing 2022

This retreat is for you :

  • You are a business owner full-time, part-time or are just about to start
  • You want to bring your personal development, your creative power and your company to the next level
  • Feels the calling from and longing for nature and Mother Earth
  • Want to experience and learn more about the wisdom of nature as it is expressed through the world’s native peoples
  • Feel the calling to ancient wisdom, ceremonies and nature herself
  • Are ready to say YES to step into the leadership of your life and step into the world and share your gifts of your highest expression
  • Has the physical conditions to hike a few kilometers per day in mountain terrain


Retreat Ammarnäs, Lapland Sweden

You may not yet know HOW to express your gifts, your longing, and calling. You may have no idea what the next step in your business might be. But you know that you can no longer hold back the power. You know the time is right, the time is now. It’s time to step forward, to share your gift with the world. And you long for fellowship with other women who feel the same!

Please let us know as soon as possible if you are interested!

Send an email to anna@annalarsson.org and tell us about yourself, your creative expression in the world and your personal calling to this retreat.

About us

Your facilitators and guides for the journey are Anna Larsson, Skellefteå, and Ulrika Persson, Ammarnäs.

Anna supports and inspires women who want to change the world through conscious leadership.

Ulrika is passionate about sharing the Sami history, culture and spirituality with the world.

Our common vision is that with the help of wisdom and knowledge from the world’s native peoples, inspired by their relationship to nature together, we create a conscious world!

A warm welcome to a week of sharing and inspiration, preparing for your next steps in your personal development, in your business, and for the rest of your life!

Anna Larsson och Ulrika Persson
Ammarnäs Lapland Sweden


28 june - 1st july 2022

 Price: 850 Euro including VAT

Swedish Krona: 6800 kr + 25% VAT = 8500 kr

 Price for accommodation and food: 3700 kr = 370 EURO for three nights in single room including all meals. We will stay at “Ammarnäs Wärdshus” (Ammarnäs Inn) and accommodation is paid at the Inn. 

If you do not travel directly to Ammarnäs on your own (easiest by car), you can book your journey to Skellefteå. From here you can go by car with Anna Larsson from Skellefteå. Departure from Skellefteå Tuesday morning 7.00 AM. We expect to be back in Skellefteå at 16.00 on Friday afternoon.

Please let us know if you are interested! Send an email to anna@annalarsson.org and tell us about yourself, your creative expression in the world and your personal calling to this retreat.