Offering Ceremony to PachaMama with Doña Epifania – Doña Vicentina – Don Angelino
Mamas & Papas Q’ero Healers Live from Apu Ausangate, Peru

Time and place: Live on Zoom Saturday May 22 – from 19:00 to 22:00 CET

Donation – suggested donations for the event is 40 €. Details below

It’s our great honour to be given the joyous mission of sharing with the world one of the most important ceremonies to Pachamama. It will be lovingly performed by the mystical Q’ero Curanderos, who miraculously, will be making this offering from the heart of the most sacred mountain of the Andes of Peru… Apu Ausangate, standing more than 6,384 metres above sea level.

The Offering Ceremony to PachaMama will be streamed directly from Apu Ausangate – this is the most sacred mountain for all Andean healers and specially for the Q’ero Maestros.

In the sacred world of the Q’ero healers, the last Ayllu-family Inka, there’s an ancient prophecy that keeps them closely connected to Mother Earth.

It says that Pachamama, the ancient great grandmother healer, who is so full of love and courage, on seeing the sorrow and sadness of her dear children, opens up the inner earth to maternally give us her consoling kisses of calm and joy.

Offering us her sweetest blessings through her solemn healing energy, thus blessing our seas, rivers and lakes, our mountains and fields, our food and our lives. This is the reason why it is so important to the old Q’ero Curanderos that they make their offerings to our endearing and beloved Pachamama.

We want to invite you to join us in a ceremony of deep gratitude to Pachamama.

Together we will be united in profound prayers as Doña Epifania, Doña Vicentina and Don Angelino, all extraordinary Q’ero Curanderos, create the main offerings to both Pachamama and the Apus (the spirits of the mountains)

Be ready to join to these amazing Maestros in their holy invocations and ancient Q’ero chants as they prepare their offerings

Be ready to feel the healing whispers of Pachamama and the breath of the spirits of the mountains

Be ready for a new dawn to rise

Be ready for the miracles that will happen in your life.

Be part of the ceremony – Be part of your change


In order for you to be an integral part of this important ceremony we ask you to have these natural elements to hand. This will help us give the best of ourselves to our ancient Mother and we are certain that she will illuminate us with their blessings

*3 flowers (1x red, 1 x yellow and 1 x white)

*A yellow candle and matches or a lighter

*A handful of fresh soil (if possible, from a mountain)

if not, collected from an area of natural beauty

*A container that both your hands fit into

*A small drum

*A small notebook and a black pencil

*And as before, a drawing of Pachamama, our Mother Earth

*As always, a drawing of our beloved PachaMama-Mother Earth

*A regular piece of white paper where to do a drawing

*Incense (again as natural as possible) and a small dish to place the incense on

*Photos or elements of family and friends to whom we can send our blessings

*Any healing tools you have, (place them on your left side)

*Wear light clothing, a shirt with buttons for easy opening

*Be barefoot – No clocks

In preparation spend at least half an hour before we start relaxed and in meditation Ensure you have a quiet place to sit, where you won’t be disturbed during the ceremony.

Donations  –  suggested donations is 40 €

Our mission is always to be in service to our planet and all those who live on it. These Prayer Ceremonies will require a tremendous amount of work and organization, including an extensive expedition into to the high Andes. Therefore, we request a donation to help cover the costs. Part of the funds raised will be used to provide our help supporting Our Q’ero families.

Suggested donations is 40 €. If you are spiritually abundant and your heart tells you to happily share something more than the suggested donations, it will be very gratefully received and used in the best way to help our beloved planet.

From our hearts to your hearts, we thank you for your participation and donation If you do not have sufficient funds, please email us at pachamama@pachamamaschool.org to see how we help you

The PachaMama School will give our own Donations and grants, as we will invite people and families from the different native communities and cities of Peru to join us in these prayers for free.

Donations/Payments: You may pay using an existing PayPal account, or any major credit card / debit card

PayPal to: pachamama@pachamamaschool.org

Name: Richard Aguayo Rodriguez, Pamplona, Spain.

LINK TO PAYPAL: paypal.me/PachaMamaSchool

or make a deposit

Donations/Payments are processed through a deposit to:

IBAN: LT59 3250 0040 6172 1814


Name: Viviane Vigo Vizcarra, Pamplona, Spain

Please send your donation before entering the Zoom event.



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It is our sacred, tender mission to take care of, heal and beautify our planet . . . our Pachamama.

The sky is getting painted in beautiful colors

the field and the flowers are releasing their best aromas

animals and birds are dancing in wild harmony

and the sea … the brave sea …

calms its waves and is beginning to send its cool breezes

since the sacred moment has come to make an offering of gratitude

to Mother Earth to our beloved PachaMama.